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Policies and Procedures

All moves and deliveries MUST use freight elevator 3. If the freight elevator is not available you MAY NOT use elevator 1 or 2. You may use the stairwells with permission from the concierge.

All moves and many deliveries will require that the elevator pads be put up in elevator 3. It is up to YOU (or your movers or delivery people) to put up and take down the elevator pads. The concierge will show you where they are located. Failure to put up the elevator pads will have your move or delivery cancelled and any elevator fee forfeited.

Moves must be booked with the concierge. There is a $100 non-refundable fee for moves which must be paid at the time of booking. Hours are 9AM to Noon and 1 PM to 4 PM.

You may book large deliveries with the concierge. A delivery is typically one elevator trip up and one down. There is no fee. Un-booked deliveries are handled on a best efforts basis.

Elevators 1 and 2 are small and suitable for use by people only. If you have anything large or bulky that you can’t easily hold in your hands please use the freight elevator 3. This includes bikes, strollers, shopping carts, large packages, furniture and construction materials.

The middle set of hall call buttons calls all three elevators and you will get the closest elevator going in your direction. Do not also press the freight elevator call button. You won’t get an elevator any faster and it slows the service for everyone as well as putting extra wear on our elevators.

The right hand set of hall call buttons beside the freight elevator only calls the freight elevator. Use it if you have bulky items or if you are going to P4 or 28. If the button doesn’t stay lit it means the freight elevator is not available. If you have bulky items and elevator 3 is not available you can use elevator 1 or 2 but please be very careful to not damage the interior.

The elevator hall call buttons are now operating as designed.

To take a normal trip (not including floors P4 or 28) please use the center hall call buttons. These call all three elevators and the closest elevator will be dispatched for your trip. Please DO NOT press the hall call buttons beside the freight elevator as these only call the freight elevator. You will not get an elevator any faster by pressing the freight elevator button in addition to the center call buttons. You will actually slow down elevator access for all and cause unnecessary wear on the elevators.

If you are going to floors P4 or 28 or have carts, bikes or anything bulky please use the freight elevator only. You can call the freight elevator using the dedicated hall call buttons to the right of the freight elevator.

If you press a hall call button and the light does not stay lit it means the elevator is not available. It is out of service for some reason such as a move or maintenance. In this case use the other set of hall call buttons. If you have to move something bulky in the two small elevators please be very careful not to damage the interior.

We will be levying fines for the use of the small elevators for carrying bulky items when the freight elevator is in service.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Reminding everyone that while cleaning balconies that the debris on the balcony must be picked up with a dustpan or vacuum. It may not be swept off the balcony. Also you should not wash your balcony in such a way that the water goes off the edge.

Also reminding everyone that we get some strong winds in Calgary and everything on your balcony or deck must be secured.

The elevator use policy has been updated.  Please see the file WMP Elevator Use Policy 20180918

Effective immediately the old policy of collecting a damage deposit when booking the elevator has been ended. Instead we will be collecting a non-refundable fee for the use of the elevator. This fee is intended to be based on the amount of use of the elevators with those using it the most contributing the most.

Fees are:

Deliveries (maximum one load up and down): $0

Moves in or out (maximum two 3 hour bookings in a day): $100

Renovations small (up to two rooms): $250

Renovations large: $500

Fees are to be paid at time of booking. With your approved renovation request you will be advised of the amount of the elevator fee.

Any actual damage to the elevators or common property will be charged back in addition to the fee. You will still be expected to clean up any dirt or debris and install the protective interior elevator pads.

Effective October 28, 2015 Westmount Place will be switching to single stream recycling.  This will put us onside with the City’s multifamily recycling bylaw due to take effect in February.

Single stream recycling means all our recyclable materials will go into a single bin which should minimize the need for residents to sort.  Waste Management will pick up the bin three times a week and sorting will be done off site.  For a list of recyclable materials please see the file SINGLE-STREAM-RECYCLING Poster Revised .

Please ensure cardboard boxes are flattened before putting them into the bin.  Boxes take up a lot of space and result in increased costs for extra pickups.  Please ensure plastic bags are all fit into one bag before putting them into the bin.  Single bags jam the sorting equipment.

Please continue to put regular garbage down the garbage chutes.  Regular garbage is as defined by the City in terms of type and quantity for residential pickup.  Disposal of other items is the responsibility of the resident.  Back charges and/or fines will be levied for improper use of our garbage facilities.

Summary of recyclable materials:

  • plastic bottles and containers
  • plastic bags nested inside each other
  • metal cans
  • paper cardboard dairy and juice containers
  • paper
  • flattened cardboard and paperboard
  • glass bottles and jars

Please refer to the information below when thinking of renovations:

For renovation information for owners see WP Renovation Information Owner (1);

For complete renovation policy (which your contractor will need to know) see WP Renovation Policy (1);

For renovation registration form see WP Renovation Registration Form (1); and

For renovation contractor agreement see WP Renovation Contractor Agreement (1)

For contractor approval see wp-contractor-authorization-form-2

Please see attached file for current form wp-contractor-authorization-form-2

See attached files.

Westmount Place By-Laws for main bylaws and

Bylaw #46 6 Oct 11 for the amended version of bylaw 46.

I know as a home owner that from time to time it may be necessary to call a plumber to repair things that break down, like the toilet, taps, etc.  I also know that there are those out there that think these repair issues are simple, so why call a plumber when they are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves.  Well in as much as I’d like to have full faith in those abilities, there is one big glaring difference.  A homeowner is only responsible for their own home.  We on the other hand are responsible for an entire building.  Our building systems are all inner connected and what you might think of as a perfectly simple task, may require the water to be isolated.  If work is attempted without the correct protocols, disaster can and does ensue.  

Therefore, I can not stress enough the importance of using a professional, one that has highrise experience.  We are happy to recommend several contractors that do the most difficult type of work, to more mundane type of plumbing.  Our security people have a list of all our approved contractors.



General Contractors

If you have a preferred contractor that would like to be approved to work within Westmount Place, please ask them to supply the administration office:

1. Current Business License

2. Copy of current 2 million dollar liability insurance.

3. WCB Coverage for all sub-trades or employee’s.

We will be happy to discuss our Renovation Policies and work together to make sure inconvenience is kept to a minimum for all the residents within Westmount Place.

I appreciate the cooperation of our residents and if we all work together, the end result will be lower deductables and insurance premiums.

Thank you.

Twylla Walker – Property Manager