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Daily and Weekly Premises Maintenance is no small achievement when considering there is a grand lobby, 4 elevators, 23 private lobbies, racquet ball & squash courts, and a fitness centre which includes an indoor pool & spa and 4 levels of underground parking

Building and mechanical maintenance is of the utmost importance at Westmount Place. Both short-term and long-term repairs and replacements have been scheduled to ensure owner’s investment values remain high.

The board of directors has approved a 5-year Capital Reserve Plan, which is implemented by the in-house property manager.

Mechanical equipment at Westmount Place includes state-of-the-art boilers and chiller.

In 2010 the original boilers were replaced with five (5) new high efficiency boilers to deliver maximum heat throughout the complex, at energy and efficiency levels not previously experienced.

The chiller unit (to be replaced in the Spring of 2011 with a unit having higher efficiency and lower operating cost) provides chilled water to every resident for use within their premises through independently controlled air conditioning units.