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Archive for October 2019

The elevator hall call buttons are now operating as designed.

To take a normal trip (not including floors P4 or 28) please use the center hall call buttons. These call all three elevators and the closest elevator will be dispatched for your trip. Please DO NOT press the hall call buttons beside the freight elevator as these only call the freight elevator. You will not get an elevator any faster by pressing the freight elevator button in addition to the center call buttons. You will actually slow down elevator access for all and cause unnecessary wear on the elevators.

If you are going to floors P4 or 28 or have carts, bikes or anything bulky please use the freight elevator only. You can call the freight elevator using the dedicated hall call buttons to the right of the freight elevator.

If you press a hall call button and the light does not stay lit it means the elevator is not available. It is out of service for some reason such as a move or maintenance. In this case use the other set of hall call buttons. If you have to move something bulky in the two small elevators please be very careful not to damage the interior.

We will be levying fines for the use of the small elevators for carrying bulky items when the freight elevator is in service.

Thank you for your cooperation.