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Fire Evacuation Summary

10 October 2008 Page 1 of 1

To STAY or to GO?

The decision whether to stay in your suite or go is yours to make. Decide early whether to STAY or to GO and once you make that decision, don’t change. Changing your decision later often has serious consequences.

What ever you do, avoid smoke – the main cause of death in fires!

You must make the decision whether it is safe to proceed outside. This should be done by checking for signs of heat on your doors before opening, if safe to open, check for signs of smoke. If no signs of smoke or heat you may be safe to go.

If you have any physical limitations that prevent you from “quickly and safely” leaving the building and if the fire is not an immediate threat, consideration should be given to remaining in your suite, never use the elevators, know your fire exits and stairwells.

If the fire is in your suite:

  • Alert everyone in your suite and leave immediately, closing the door behind you, but do not lock .
  • Pull the fire alarm switch located in the hallway.
  • Leave the floor by the emergency stairwells located on both sides of the floor.
  • Call the fire department at 911 and giving the complete address and suite number.
  • Once you have left the fire area, DO NOT RETURN TO IT.
  • Wait on the main floor lobby to inform the fire department of the fire location.

If the fire is outside your suite (you hear the building alarm):

  • IF YOU SEE SMOKE, call the fire department at 911 and give the complete address and suite number if known, otherwise do not overload the 911 system with calls.
  • Close all windows and balcony doors.
  • If the door is cold to touch, open it slowly and check the corridor for smoke.
  • Check your suite door and handle before opening it, if it is hot to touch, DO NOT OPEN  it.Soak bedding, towels etc. and pile  them against the door. Use duct tape to seal the door.
  • If the corridor is clear, close your suite door behind you and leave the building by the emergency stairs.
  • If the corridor is impassable, remain in your suite and keep your door closed.
  • Stand on the balcony or by an open window and signal your position.
  • Wait to be rescued.

In any case please remember to STAY CALM and do not run.

A more detailed Fire Evacuation Procedure document covering specific circumstances and Fire

Department advisory publications is available at the Front Security.

You can Download a PDF of the full version here or view the PDF online by clicking the link in the right side bar.