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Archive for October 2015

Effective October 28, 2015 Westmount Place will be switching to single stream recycling.  This will put us onside with the City’s multifamily recycling bylaw due to take effect in February.

Single stream recycling means all our recyclable materials will go into a single bin which should minimize the need for residents to sort.  Waste Management will pick up the bin three times a week and sorting will be done off site.  For a list of recyclable materials please see the file SINGLE-STREAM-RECYCLING Poster Revised .

Please ensure cardboard boxes are flattened before putting them into the bin.  Boxes take up a lot of space and result in increased costs for extra pickups.  Please ensure plastic bags are all fit into one bag before putting them into the bin.  Single bags jam the sorting equipment.

Please continue to put regular garbage down the garbage chutes.  Regular garbage is as defined by the City in terms of type and quantity for residential pickup.  Disposal of other items is the responsibility of the resident.  Back charges and/or fines will be levied for improper use of our garbage facilities.

Summary of recyclable materials:

  • plastic bottles and containers
  • plastic bags nested inside each other
  • metal cans
  • paper cardboard dairy and juice containers
  • paper
  • flattened cardboard and paperboard
  • glass bottles and jars