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The elevator use policy has been updated.  Please see the file WMP Elevator Use Policy 20180918

Effective immediately the old policy of collecting a damage deposit when booking the elevator has been ended. Instead we will be collecting a non-refundable fee for the use of the elevator. This fee is intended to be based on the amount of use of the elevators with those using it the most contributing the most.

Fees are:

Deliveries (maximum one load up and down): $0

Moves in or out (maximum two 3 hour bookings in a day): $100

Renovations small (up to two rooms): $250

Renovations large: $500

Fees are to be paid at time of booking. With your approved renovation request you will be advised of the amount of the elevator fee.

Any actual damage to the elevators or common property will be charged back in addition to the fee. You will still be expected to clean up any dirt or debris and install the protective interior elevator pads.

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