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I know as a home owner that from time to time it may be necessary to call a plumber to repair things that break down, like the toilet, taps, etc.  I also know that there are those out there that think these repair issues are simple, so why call a plumber when they are perfectly capable of doing the work themselves.  Well in as much as I’d like to have full faith in those abilities, there is one big glaring difference.  A homeowner is only responsible for their own home.  We on the other hand are responsible for an entire building.  Our building systems are all inner connected and what you might think of as a perfectly simple task, may require the water to be isolated.  If work is attempted without the correct protocols, disaster can and does ensue.  

Therefore, I can not stress enough the importance of using a professional, one that has highrise experience.  We are happy to recommend several contractors that do the most difficult type of work, to more mundane type of plumbing.  Our security people have a list of all our approved contractors.



General Contractors

If you have a preferred contractor that would like to be approved to work within Westmount Place, please ask them to supply the administration office:

1. Current Business License

2. Copy of current 2 million dollar liability insurance.

3. WCB Coverage for all sub-trades or employee’s.

We will be happy to discuss our Renovation Policies and work together to make sure inconvenience is kept to a minimum for all the residents within Westmount Place.

I appreciate the cooperation of our residents and if we all work together, the end result will be lower deductables and insurance premiums.

Thank you.

Twylla Walker – Property Manager

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